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M+S lab is a research and experimentation lab that involves young professionals in order to promote multi-disciplinary excellence.

An incubator of energies, it aims to enrich design with a lateral vision, incorporating new influences to lead towards an inclusive design concept.

The lab works under the conviction that the design project of the future should refound its roots in a meeting of different professions and approaches that converge around the same work table. This coming together of different experiences should be the key for investigating design innovation, while the relationship and value between time and space are means for designing narrative and polyphonic environments and objects.

M+S lab is derived from an idea by Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto and from their passion for teaching, which they initially pursued as assistants of Achille Castiglioni and then continued by teaching at the Politecnico di Milano and at important universities in Japan and South Korea. 

The Perfect Time for Whirlpool. Milan

In this installation, designed for Whirlpool on the occasion of Interni Magazine Human Spaces (Milan Design Week 2019), the perception and the experience of time change through the succession of dynamic, narrative units interpreting the relationship between intuitive technology and human factor. The space has been thus interpreted as a sort of intelligent and permeable organism, to be crossed and lived as a multisensorial experience. A high-density landscape, the perception of which changes from daytime to nightime. A big transparent bubble at the core of the installation hosts a cubic, gold-shaded volume – of about four meters each sides – which admits the visitor to an immersive environment with undefined boundaries. The succession of environmental videos, lights, sounds and graphic elements draw continuously developing and in time landscapes on them, through the montage of narrative sequences. A reflection on value of time throughout a multisensory experience.
Light Code 01 special edition for CUPRA
On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2021, M+S lab was asked to design an exclusive light object to boost the value of the CUPRA brand and its launch in Milan, as part of the CUPRA LIFEPLACE event at Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia (5-8 September 2021), curated by SBAM Noisy Ideas with an immersive experience designed by the creative start up REALITY IS__. Light Code 01 is a light object that is inspired by the industrial world of automobiles to enhance the poetics that these materials can provide to the surroundings of our daily lives. Light Code 01 is a sort of recyclable and sustainable ready-made that takes shape starting from specific metal or copper industrial components, such as the spirals used for the cleaning welding tips. Around these copper elements, which are thicker in the centre and thinner at the far end, and almost suspended, the integrated led light and natural light plays on different levels, evoking ever-chancing chromatic effects.